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Discover the latest NSI Job Circular NSI Job Circular 2023 for exciting career opportunities in Bangladesh’s National Security Intelligence. Explore application details and qualifications.

About NSI job Circular 2023

The National Security Intelligence (NSI) of Bangladesh holds a central position within the country’s security framework, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the sovereignty, stability, and safeguarding of national interests. Established in 1972, following Bangladesh’s emergence as an independent nation, the NSI has progressively transformed into a dynamic intelligence agency dedicated to confronting a wide spectrum of threats, both on the domestic and international fronts. Throughout its evolution, the NSI has remained unwavering in its commitment to upholding the principles of national security and ensuring the well-being of its citizens.

In contemporary times, the NSI Job Circular has become an integral facet of the agency’s strategy for recruiting individuals who share a deep commitment to serving their nation and advancing public welfare. This circular stands as a vital conduit for engaging with talented and passionate individuals who aspire to contribute their skills and dedication to the prestigious mission and objectives of the NSI.

Headquartered in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, the NSI operates under the direct auspices of the Prime Minister’s Office, underscoring its pivotal role within the broader governance structure of the nation. Over the years, the agency has displayed remarkable adaptability, continuously enhancing its capabilities to effectively address emerging challenges, including those related to terrorism, cyber threats, espionage, and transnational criminal activities.

In essence, the NSI represents the vanguard of Bangladesh’s security apparatus, and its recruitment endeavors through the NSI Job Circular reflect the agency’s unswerving commitment to enlisting the best and brightest minds to further its mission of safeguarding the nation and its people.

Key Responsibilities

Employees within the ranks of the National Security Intelligence (NSI) of Bangladesh shoulder a multitude of pivotal responsibilities essential to the agency’s core mission of preserving the security and well-being of the nation. These responsibilities span diverse domains and necessitate a profound commitment, unwavering vigilance, and a high degree of proficiency.

Foremost among these tasks is the collection and meticulous analysis of intelligence from a myriad of sources, encompassing both domestic and international realms. This imperative duty entails the continuous monitoring of potential threats, the comprehensive assessment of security risks, and the astute identification of emerging challenges to national security.

Furthermore, NSI personnel actively engage in fortifying the country’s defenses against terrorism. They are instrumental in collaborative efforts with other law enforcement entities to thwart acts of terrorism and mount rapid responses to security breaches.

The domain of cybersecurity constitutes another critical facet of their responsibilities. NSI employees bear the crucial duty of safeguarding the nation’s digital infrastructure from the pervasive perils of cyber threats, espionage, and sophisticated attacks that have gained prominence in the contemporary era.

In addition to their multifaceted roles, these dedicated professionals also immerse themselves in diplomatic and international relations, leveraging their intelligence-gathering prowess to garner invaluable insights into global affairs. This contribution significantly influences Bangladesh’s foreign policy decisions and bolsters regional stability.

Required Qualifications and Skills for recruitment

Here are the qualifications and skills for a job vacancy at the National Security Intelligence (NSI) of Bangladesh:

1. Educational Background: Possession of a bachelor’s degree in a pertinent field, such as intelligence studies, security studies, or a closely related discipline.

2. Intelligence Analysis Experience: Demonstrated expertise in intelligence analysis, preferably with prior experience in national security or law enforcement roles.

3. Analytical Ability:  Proficiency in analytical and critical thinking, showcasing the capability to evaluate intricate data and discern potential security threats.

4. Cybersecurity Competence: Adeptness in computer skills and the utilization of data analysis tools tailored for cyber threat detection.

5. Communication Proficiency:  Exceptional communication abilities, both in written and verbal forms, facilitating effective reporting and collaborative endeavors.

6. Ethical Standards: Commitment to maintaining strict confidentiality and adhering to the highest ethical standards in the realm of intelligence work.

7. Security Knowledge: Knowledgeable about regional and global security matters, enabling comprehensive intelligence assessment.

8. Composure Under Pressure: Capacity to perform effectively under pressure, responding promptly to emergent security challenges.

9. Commitment to Continuous Learning: Willingness to undergo rigorous security clearance processes and engage in continuous training to remain updated on evolving security threats and strategies.

Values and Mission

Following Values and Mission of NSI Job Circular 2023 in Bangladesh:

1. National Security: The primary and unwavering commitment of the National Security Intelligence (NSI) in Bangladesh revolves around the protection of the nation’s security. The agency is resolutely dedicated to upholding the sovereignty and stability of the country by actively countering threats and ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens.

2. Transparency and Accountability: At the core of its operations, the NSI embraces the fundamental principles of transparency and accountability. It places paramount importance on fostering open communication with relevant government entities and prioritizes the responsible handling of sensitive information with the highest levels of integrity.

3. Championing the Law: As an integral part of the government, the NSI is wholeheartedly committed to championing the rule of law. Its mission entails ensuring that all intelligence activities are conducted within the bounds of the legal framework, consistently upholding human rights and civil liberties as essential pillars of its operations.

4. Serving the National Interest: The bedrock of the agency’s values lies in its unwavering dedication to serving the national interest of Bangladesh. This commitment extends beyond the safeguarding of the nation against external threats to actively contributing to the economic development and regional stability of the country.

5. Continuous Improvement: The NSI’s dedication to progress and adaptability is unwavering. Its mission revolves around remaining at the forefront of intelligence and security practices, constantly evolving to address emerging threats, and augmenting its capabilities to provide ever-better service to the nation.

Application Process for NSI Job Circular 2023

The NSI job application process in Bangladesh has been made incredibly user-friendly and transparent through the Teletalk website. Candidates may seek assistance from the previous NSI job circular 2021 to understand the application requirements and qualifications. This can provide valuable insights into the application process and eligibility criteria for NSI positions. Aspiring candidates can easily find official NSI job circulars on the Teletalk platform, which provides comprehensive information about available positions, required qualifications, and application deadlines. To apply, candidates simply need to register on the Teletalk website, where they can create a personal applicant profile and fill out the online application form hassle-free. This digital approach not only speeds up the application process but also offers applicants an intuitive and user-friendly interface. After submission, the NSI promptly reviews applications, conducts necessary assessments, and maintains seamless communication with candidates through the Teletalk portal. This technological integration underscores the NSI’s commitment to modernizing its recruitment methods while steadfastly upholding the highest standards of merit and transparency.


In summary, the National Security Intelligence (NSI) of Bangladesh plays a pivotal role in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty, stability, and interests. Established in 1972, the NSI has evolved into a dynamic intelligence agency dedicated to addressing a wide range of threats. The NSI Job Circular serves as a crucial avenue for recruiting individuals who share a commitment to public welfare. Headquartered in Dhaka, the NSI operates under the Prime Minister’s Office, demonstrating its significance in the nation’s governance structure. NSI employees shoulder multifaceted responsibilities, including intelligence collection, counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and diplomatic engagements. They are essential in upholding national security. Qualifications and skills required for NSI positions encompass educational background, analytical abilities, cybersecurity competence, and ethical standards. The government’s values and mission underscore national security, transparency, adherence to the law, serving national interests, and continuous improvement. The application process is user-friendly and conducted via the Teletalk website, reflecting the NSI’s commitment to modernization and transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the NSI’s primary mission in Bangladesh?

The NSI’s primary mission is to safeguard the nation’s sovereignty, stability, and interests by countering threats and ensuring citizens’ safety.

2. What is the significance of the NSI Job Circular?

The NSI Job Circular is crucial for recruiting individuals dedicated to public welfare and national security.

3. Where is the NSI headquartered, and under whose supervision does it operate?

The NSI is headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and operates under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office.

4. What are some key responsibilities of NSI employees?

NSI employees are responsible for intelligence collection, counterterrorism, cybersecurity, and diplomatic engagements.

5. What qualifications and skills are required for NSI job circular positions?

Qualifications include relevant educational backgrounds, analytical abilities, cybersecurity competence, and ethical standards.

6. What are the core government values related to the NSI?

Core government values include national security, transparency, adherence to the law, serving national interests, and continuous improvement.

7. How can apply for NSI job circular, and what is the application process?

Applications are submitted through the user-friendly Teletalk http://cnp.teletalk.com.bd/ website, where candidates can create profiles and complete online application forms. The process emphasizes modernization and transparency.

8. How to payment NSI job circular?

The applicant process is very simple, When the application is submitted you will get an acknowledgment. In this document, an applicant ID will be generated for you and you can pay through Teletalk prepaid number as mentioned in the acknowledgment paper.

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